Saturday, November 12, 2011

IPhone 4S launch in Malaysia

IPhone 4S is quite popular in the whole world as can be seen from the huge lines and queues seen in different countries where it was launched. It is considered by many to be the last few legacy products from the great maestro Mr. Steve Jobs. He was supposedly involved till the last week in the discussion about apple products and IPhone in particular.

Malaysian have been avid fans of apple products. Even though the Iphone 4S is not launched yet in Malaysia the companies have started preparing for it. From the pattern of product offering from Maxis it looks like they have already start to prepare for the launch. They have started to phase out the old products. This can be surmised based on the fact that they don't have some of the old models and are slowly depleting the stock of even IPhone 4.

It is a great strategy to launch the products in a phased manner if there a great desire for the product and it is considered cool to have it. But it will be interesting to see if the same thing will apply once the product becomes more of a commodity and the star status fades away slowly.

For now I am part of one of the long lists of fans who is eagerly waiting for its launch in Malaysia.


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